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Emergence 2019

18 January 2019 (Fri)  

19 January 2019 (Sat) 

8 pm | 60 minutes

Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Blackbox Theatre

EMERGENCE is a new works showcase platform established by SCDT for aspiring choreographers to develop their artistic potential, and have an opportunity to present their works to and be recognised by an audience group.

In this series, 8 young choreographers will explore and experiment with elements of Chinese dance in their works based on the given theme is “In Search of Dance Within”. In addition, SCDT is very honoured to invite three renowned Choreographers, Selina Tan, Albert Tiong and Silvia Yong to mentor these choreographers.

Come join us as we witness the chemistry between the young choreographers and their mentors.

Mentor - Albert Tiong



Artistic Director:               Lim Moi Kim

Mentor:                             Albert Tiong

                                          Selina Tan

                                          Silvia Yong

Young Choreographer:   Ahmad Hannan

                                          Charmaine Tan

                                          Chung Lai Yee

                                          Fan Bizhou

                                          Goh Xueli

                                          Tan Ling, Lynn 

                                          Zhang Jiahui

                                          Zhang Yin     


Mentor - Selina Tan

Mentor - Silvia Yong

Choreographer - Ahmad Hannan

Choreographer - Charmaine Tan

Choreographer - Chung Lai Yee

Choreographer - Fan Bizhou

Choreographer - Goh Xueli

Choreographer - Tan Ling, Lynn

Choreographer - Zhang Jiahui

Choreographer - Zhang Yin


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