Nationwide Chinese dance Extravaganza

22 to 31 May 2020

Chinese Dance Fiesta is an annual outreach programme to generate awareness and appreciation of Chinese dance.  Be mesmerised by exhilarating presentations of classical and ethnic folk forms featuring dancers from schools, and dance companies in Singapore.  You are also invited to join our master series, as our dance expert share with you a greater insight and deeper understanding towards Chinese dance.

Under the BIG Tree

Outdoor Chinese Dance Carnival

23 May 2020

Under the BIG Tree is a family-friendly outdoor Chinese dance Carnival held at the premises of Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre.


Be sure to be captivated by the graceful Chinese dance performance while you enjoy local delights in a unique outdoor setting and beautiful weather.

Bond of Love

Main Company Production

14 & 15 August 2020

The story of the hometown of southern Fujian

Taking the fate of the three generations of the hometown of overseas Chinese in southern Fujian as a clue, taking the material from the folk production and life in southern Fujian


The wonderful dance segment is followed by a paragraph, and the moving details of the structure of the chronology are both large and large.


Hey, nuanced and nuanced, the two-way show of the two-way left-handers "over the South Sea" and the left-behind "Wang Nanyang"


History is a moving poetry of the soul of the picture.


Chinese Dance New Works Showcase

11 & 12 September 2020

EMERGENCE is a new works showcase platform established by SCDT for aspiring choreographers to develop their artistic potential, and have an opportunity to present their works to and be recognised by an audience group. Come join us as we witness the chemistry between the young choreographers and their mentor, Ms Cai Ying as they explore and experiment with elements of Chinese dance in their works.



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