Season 2021

The Susurration of the Tree

27 August 2021, 12:00:00 pm

SISTIC Live Event


“Walking along my usual path, the grass crunching with my footsteps,
I pause to rest under the tree. Leaves fall tenderly on me,
I look up, and experience the tree conspiring with light.
It whispers to me, foreseeing my future far in sight.”

Season 2021

Chinese Dance Fiesta: Talk & Demonstration

30 May 2021, 9:30:00 am

Facebook Livestream

Do you know that Chaoxian ethnic people are descendants of Korean Peninsula? If you are curious to find out more about their dance then you need to join Ms Shao Ziwen, Senior Lecturer of Singapore Raffles Music College at our "Talk and Demonstration". (Edited 1 June 2021)

Season 2021

Chinese Dance Fiesta: Dance Performance

30 May 2021, 11:30:00 am

Facebook Livestream

Be captivated by the performances featuring the Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre's performance troupes, Wu Yue Dance Studio Arts Troupe, and Dance students from LASALLE College of the Arts. The performance will stage 6 items from works of Chinese Folk, Chinese Contemporary to Chinese Classical dance.


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