Emergence 2022 Open Call

OPEN CALL: Emergence 2022

Application closes on 20 September 2022

Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre (SCDT) is pleased to announce the open call of its eighth series of EMERGENCE.

Established by SCDT, EMERGENCE is a platform for aspiring choreographers to develop their artistic potential and have an opportunity to present their works to and be recognized by an audience. 

Each edition of EMERGENCE has a theme, where choreographers will explore and experiment with elements of Chinese dance in the creation of their works. The theme for this year is “Genesis of Life”.

From the perspective of literary history and cultural history, there is a focus on the permanence of life and the vastness of the universe, where life and death and eternal truths. “Genesis of Life” seeks to explore dance creation through a “profound” way in order to express the indescribable life experiences.

EMERGENCE 2022 delves into the realm of self-questioning as well as the reminiscence and reflection of the past, present, and uncertain oncoming of social unity, dependency, and exploitation.

As EMERGENCE 2022’s mentor, SCDT’s Creative Director Benedict Soh will guide the young choreographers to experience the meaning and values of Chinese culture through engaging their bodies and memories while corresponding to their souls.

EMERGENCE 2022 hopes to spark individuals to search deeper within themselves while living in the continuous evolution of human society and culture.

In addition, participants will also be given Chinese dance classes by our Founding Artistic Director, Madam Lim Moi Kim, where they will be equipped with Chinese dance vocabulary to aid them in their creation. 

We warmly extend our invitation to all who have a passion for Chinese dance and dance choreography to join us in this EMERGENCE. 

More details on the application process & participation requirements can be found here.


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