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Chinese Folk Dance Graded Examination Syllabus
Teaching Course

The Chinese Folk Dance Graded Examination (CFDGE) syllabus, the only authorised graded examination for Chinese Folk Dance in China, was compiled by a number of dance professionals from Beijing Dance Academy in 2004.  The syllabus encompasses the 56 ethnic groups in China over 15 grades, including 3 performance grades, and takes into consideration the different stages of mental and physical development of students.

The syllabus emphasises on honing both dance technique and performance skills, so students could enjoy learning, at the same time strengthen their physique and establish greater confidence and higher self-esteem. More importantly, learners get to learn about and experience the different cultures, customs, and characteristics of various ethnic groups in China.

More information on the syllabus can be found on CFDGE official website (in Chinese) at

中国民族民间舞蹈等级考试中心 LOGO


We have an approximately 20 teachers registered with the CFDGE locally, we welcome you to join our community by becoming a certified teacher.

Being a certified teacher, you can register your own school as an official CFDGE training centre and send your students for annual dance accreditation. 

You will also be notified for upcoming events such as Masterclass organised by Chinese Folk Dance Grade Test Center.


Age 16 years and above.  Have the passion in teaching and promoting Chinese dance.  Should have an experience of at least 5 years and above in dancing and/or teaching.

Teaching Course

Apart from mastering the graded syllabus, you will be equipped with fundamental pedagogical knowledge and skills.  Each module consists of 2 grades, details as followed.



Chinese Folk Dance Graded Examination - Teaching Course is scheduled to be on 24 November 2019 to 4 December 2019.  Registration for the Teaching Course is now open till 17 November 2019. 

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