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Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre (SCDT) is proud to present a diverse and fun-filled selection of Chinese dance programmes, specially designed for the masses.  Educational and at the same time entertaining, each programme aims to cater to different audience range and enhance their artistic experience.


Kaleidoscope of Culture

@ St. Margaret Secondary School



Since 2014, SCDT has presented more than 50 programmes, under National Arts Council Arts Education Programme (NAC - AEP) scheme, reaching out to more than 20,000 attendees.  In 2019, there are seven programmes, targeting at various levels of learners, e.g., Pre-schoolers, Primary and Secondary schools’ students, made available.  Schools may use its Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise up to 50% of the fees payable for these programme.

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Fun with Chinese Dance

For Preschooler 
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Through fun and interactive performance, students will get to appreciate and participate in fun and lively dances and activities. Children will also have opportunities to express themselves creatively while creating their personalise props and participating in the dance as a class.

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Chinese Dance Workshop

For Preschooler
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For Primary 

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For Secondary & above

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Chinese Dance workshop deepens students’ understanding of Chinese dance by learning about its origin and culture background. The workshop content will be customised based on the students ability and experience.

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Chinese Dance Onstage

Kaleidoscope of Culture

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Stories Come Alive

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Through short description, interesting performance and interactive sessions, audiences can develop their interest and better understanding towards Chinese dance as part of Singapore’s arts and cultural heritage.

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Learning Journey to SCDT

For Preschooler

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For Primary, Secondary & above

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Learning Journey is designed to provide the students with the behind-the-scene experience at a professional Chinese dance company. Hosted by the company manager, students would embark on a journey of discovery!


Through structured Co-Curricular Activities syllabus, SCDT hope to develop interest as well as providing them with the fundamental skills to continue dancing beyond school.  To date, we had partnered 2 secondary schools and 9 primary schools in their dance CCA programmes.


SCDT has in the years initiated Chinese dance graded syllabus as an Enrichment Programme for primary one and primary two students in schools.  With the aim to engage these learners in Chinese dance at a young age, with the option to be accredited.


"The girls learnt something new, and found the programme interesting.  As seen with their reactions, they enjoyed the show so much, and have definitely benefitted from this dance art exposure.  I am very sure they would like to have more of these type of performances in the future."

Ms Angeline Grace, Teacher

"Parents and children enjoyed the session very much. It is a pleasure to work with your staff who were very energetic and patient with the children."

Mdm Mastura Khalid, Principal

"The workshop was very interesting and lively because the instructor made use of props that the students found fascinating.  The video presentation with the dance by the 3 instructors was good as well."

Mdm Sun, Teacher