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Where The Fl✿wers Bloom
A Triple Bill

11 & 12 August 2023

3pm & 8pm

Goodman Arts Centre -- Black Box

Flowers bloom and wilt with no regrets, while fate comes and goes like ocean tides.


Just as flowers evoke beauty and elegance in the eyes of the beholder, “Where The Flowers Bloom” is a reflection of the nature of Chinese dance, where goodness and beauty are upheld.


We have given some universal, distinctive meanings to different flowers. Yet, the very same flower can hold vastly different meanings to each of us - the remembrance of someone or something we love, the manifestation of a value or quality, or simply because we feel an unspoken connection with it.


“Where The Flowers Bloom” invites you to search deeper for the idiosyncratic connection between you and The Flower.


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