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舞季 2019

Emergence Thumbnail

EMERGENCE is a new works showcase platform established by SCDT for aspiring choreographers to develop their artistic potential, and have an opportunity to present their works to and be recognised by an audience group.

Come join us as we witness the chemistry between the young choreographers and their mentors, Selina Tan, Albert Tiong and Silvia Yong as they explore and experiment with elements of Chinese dance in their works based on the given theme is “In Search of Dance Within”. 

UTBT Thumbnail

Under the BIG Tree is a family-friendly outdoor Chinese dance Carnival held at the premises of Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre.


Be sure to be captivated by the graceful Chinese dance performance while you enjoy local delights in a unique outdoor setting and beautiful weather.

2019 年 1 月 18 日 及 19 日


2019 年 3 月 30 日



Chinese Dance Fiesta is an annual outreach programme to generate awareness and appreciation of Chinese dance.


Be mesmerised by exhilarating presentations of classical and ethnic folk forms featuring dancers from schools, and dance companies in Singapore.  

Join us for the master series, as our dance expert share with you a greater insight and deeper understanding towards Chinese dance.

2019 年 6 月 1 日至 9 日

A connection in existence
Of beings, of space, of time, and of circumstance,
But moments last not forever,
So I pen our crossing into a poem, and make us eternal.

“Crossings: A Double Bill” touches on chance and evoking sentiments. Drawing inspiration from encounters and conflicts in our lives, the production combines traditional elements and characters with contemporary ideas and expressions in its artistic creations.

2019 年 7 月 19 日 及 20日


Open-House Thumbnail

Have you ever thought that you might have a hidden talent in Chinese Dance? Think no more!!!

Come join us at this Open House and have fun participating in the dance workshops conducted by our professional and friendly instructors. Have a chat with us to find out about our specially designed programme that aims to discover and groom your talent in Chinese dance.

2019 年 10 月 26 日至 27 日




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