Neo Jenny

Neo Jenny is presently the Head of Outreach and Education of the Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre (SCDT), guest lecturer at the LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts and School of the Arts (Singapore) as well as instructor of NUS (National University of Singapore) Chinese Dance.

Since a young age, Jenny had developed an interest for the arts under the influence of her mother, Madam Lim Moi Kim. She started her training in Chinese classical and Chinese ethnic folk dance at the age of ten. To further enrich herself, Jenny later also pursued ballet, jazz and hip-hop. In 2004, she was awarded grants from the National Arts Council and Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan to further her professional training at the Beijing Dance Academy, where she studied Dance Choreography. To develop her range, Jenny later also enrolled in LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts, and graduated with a BA (Honours) in Dance in 2009. Over the course of her studies, Jenny has come under the tutelage of, as well as collaborated with, many renowned and experienced dance practitioners who have greatly value-added to her learning.

Jenny actively choreographs for dance company, schools and major national events like the Chingay Parade and National Day Parade. She has produced many outstanding works, earning herself high recognition in the dance industry.

Having fully devoted her youth to dancing, Jenny has gained herself a wealth of experience and opportunities as a dancer. Over the years, she has performed many solos, duets and lead roles. In 2010, Jenny played Madam White Snake, the lead role in dance drama “Romance of the White Snake”. In 2014, she played “Du Li Niang”, the female lead role in SCDT’s inaugural core production “A Startling Dream”. Jenny’s grace and strong performing abilities has deemed her an undeniably popular performer on stage.

Besides her strong passion for dance, Jenny also participates actively in Chinese opera and has played many important roles. She has had many performing opportunities both locally and abroad, to China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Canada and Spain. Her interest in this traditional art has helped further expose herself to the performing arts scene.



"The Void Within" (2017), a collaboration with guest artiste Jiang Wei from China. It was premiered in SCDT's fifth Company Production, HEARTiculation

"The Voyage Down South" (2017), a collaboration with company dancer Zeng Xiang under the commissioned of Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan as part of the Singapore Hokkien Festival in 2017.


"Fry-Fingerling —— a segment of Returning" (2015), a collaboration with composer Julian Wong, under the direction of Madam Goh Lay Kuan. She was one of the five choreographers for the production “Returning”, an opening show for the Singapore International Festival of Arts 2015.

“The Wilderness” (2014), a full-length dance drama that was premiered in SCDT's second Company Production, ROOTED | A Triple Bill. This work was also staged at the “Vietnam International Dance Festival 2017" held in Ninh Bin, Vietnam and clinched a Gold award.

“The Invisible Entity” (2011), staged in the “Sprouts – New Works Platform for Budding Choreographers” event and received the “Most Popular Work” awards.



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