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Dance Classes

Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre (SCDT) has a long history of promoting and nurturing interest in Chinese dance through its dance education programme.  SCDT believes in honing strong foundation skills while developing a more profound interest in the arts.

SCDT offers a range of structured training programmes that allows all learners to pick up dancing based on their ability and interest.  Classes offered include Adult Dance, Parent-Child Dance, First-Step, Graded Examination Dance, Kung-fu Dance and Chinese Dance Technique.

SCDT has more than 400 students enrolled at its two centres in Toa Payoh and East Coast.  From 2022, our academic year consists of 4 terms of 10 sessions each, approximately over 3 months.  All students will also have the opportunity to perform in our annual dance showcase, "Taking Flight", held in professional theatres.


Building Character, Imparting Skills, Continues our Legacy


Perseverance  |  Confidence  |  Respect  |  Teamwork

Adult Dance

Suitable for ages 18 & above

Not flexible? Not able to do a forehead to knee pose? No worries, it is never too old to learn. Keep practising, and all will come. Our adult courses aim to improve your flexibility, posture, coordination and performative skills. Start dancing now to stay youthful and elegant!


First Step

Suitable for ages 4.5 - 6

Specifically tailored for the young, this lively class is filled with music and fun! As they groove to the music, your little one will learn the rudiments of Chinese dance, improving her musicality and temperament!


Kungfu Dance

Suitable for ages 6 - 12

Combining Chinese dance and Chinese martial arts, students will be introduced to basic aspects of Chinese martial arts (basic punches, kicks, jumps and somersaults) and learn to strike formidable poses and move with the rhythm of the music.

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Parent-Child Dance

Suitable for ages 3.5 - 4

Dance is not just for the young, but also for the young at heart! Bond with your little one through simple and fun themed activities specially designed to ignite the imagination and creativity of both you and your child.


Dance Graded Examination

Suitable for ages 6 - 18

The Chinese Folk Dance Graded Examination syllabus was compiled by renowned dance professionals from China's Beijing Dance Academy. The syllabus emphasises “joy in learning” and exposes students to the exquisite and vibrant cultures of the 56 ethnic groups in China. This course aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese dance in children through a variety of fun-filled yet straightforward Chinese folk dances.


Chinese Dance Technique 

Suitable for ages 18 - 35

Chinese Classical dance techniques, such as leaps, twirls and flips, require balance, strength, flexibility, agility and coordination. Take on the challenge to nail these skills and see how you fair in endurance, precision and courage!

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