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Notes to Students​

As a representative of the SCDT, we are dedicated to helping each child develop into the best dancer they can and want to be.

Classroom Etiquette


  • Treat everyone with the utmost respect.

  • Do greet all teachers and students.

  • No chatting during class.

  • No food or beverages (except water) is allowed in the studios.

  • Mobile phone should be switch into silent mode and put away during class.

  • No climbing/hanging on the Barres allowed.

  • Mirrors should be kept clean at any time.

  • Studios should be clean and tidy at all time.


Dress Code and Appearance



  • All students must be properly dress before coming for lesson.

  • All student should secure their hair neatly into a bun, and hair off the face at all times.

  • For the student’s own safety, there will be no jewellery worn in class. (Including watches, necklaces and dangling earrings.)




  • All students are encouraged to report early for class.

  • Students who are late for class should ask for permission from the teacher before entering the class.





  • All students should be responsible for your own health and safety.

  • All student should be responsible for their own attire, props and other necessary items.

  • All student should not miss any lessons unless you are sick.

  • Students should be responsible for their progression.

Advancement (for graded syllabus student)


The graded examination serves as a milestone for students, honing their physical, mental and aesthetic development.  Students might take more than a year to complete one grade.


To ensure that students are qualified to take part in the examination, they will be assessed based on class performance, quality of dance presentation, and attendance.  Students must be recommended by their teacher in order to join the examination, and pass the current grade to promote to the next grade.

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