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Our Resource Room (yet to publish)

As part of our commitment to promote a better understanding of Chinese dance as an art form in Singapore, we are delighted to announce the launch of an online resource centre for Chinese dance. Our primary objective is to provide researchers, artists, students, and community members with easy access to a broad range of resources, information, and support to promote the growth and development of Chinese dance in Singapore.

Our online resource centre features a growing collection of programme booklets of Chinese dance events in Singapore, contributed by various organisations and members of the public. In the near future, we plan to expand the resource centre to include access points to articles, books, research papers and videos related to Chinese dance.

We believe that our online resource centre will have a positive impact on the community and contribute to the growth and development of the arts. We are committed to making this initiative a success and welcome contributions of resources from the community. Please email us at if you would like to contribute to our resource centre.

Disclaimer: The copyright of the information belongs to the respective artists and creators. If your work is featured in our resource centre and you would like it to be removed, please email us at We respect the rights of all artists and creators, and we will promptly remove any works upon request.



ASEAN Committee of Culture and Information

Chin Kang Dance Troupe

Chong Pang Community Club Chinese Cultural Dance Troupe

Hong Lim Green Community Centre Dance Troupe

Nanyang Fang Shee Association

National Dance Company 

National Theatre Chinese Dance Company 

National Theatre Club

National Theatre Trust

Oriental Arts Troupe

Pasir Panjang Cultural & Arts Troupe

People's Association Dance Company

Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre

Singapore Phoenix Dance Troupe

Singapore Polytechnic Chinese Language Society 

Singapore Seow Tin San Athletic Association

Singapore Teachers' Folk Dance Society

Southern Arts Society 

Ta Ge Dance Theatre

Theatre Arts Troupe


National Theatre Chinese Dance Company 


Adage Dance Circle

Adage Dance Circle (ADC) was established by Evelyn Leow Chai Foon in 2001. It evolved from the immensely successful The X Factor Dance Company was formed in 1995.

ADC has always been playing an active role in promoting dance in the community, not only as a form of performing arts but also as a dance education. It aims to nurture young talents through creative and quality dance training and to continue upgrading the local artistic standard to a higher level through various arts activities.

ADC has participated in numerous local events such as the Singapore Arts Festival, Late Nite Series, National Day, Chingay parade, Chinese New Year light-up ceremony and Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. Besides public performances, ADC has also organized activities such as arts excursions, workshops and dance camps to upgrade the members' dance techniques and widen their knowledge. It has also invited both local and foreign choreographers and dance instructors to provide other forms of dance.



1. Chinese Dance Artistes' Association. (2004) 《鹤舞共鸣》Dancing in Unity.

Ai Tong Alumni Association Dance Troupe

Established on 25 October 1996, the Ai Tong Alumni Association Dance Troupe traces its origins back to 1994 when the Association invited Chen Jin, a distinguished dancer from the China Central Opera and Dance Troupe, to conduct Chinese Dance Classes (specifically Folk Dance Classes). These classes served as the genesis of the troupe, providing a platform for enthusiasts to delve into the rich heritage of Chinese dance.

Recognising the importance of honing technique and fostering growth, the Association made a pivotal decision to engage Chinese dance choreographers. These professionals were instrumental in training and rehearsing with the troupe, elevating the standard of performance and enriching the learning experience for members. Through this collaboration, members not only refined their skills but also gained a deeper understanding of the nuances of the art form.

Supported by the Association and guided by seasoned dance professionals, the troupe steadily evolved, both in its composition and performance calibre. This growth is a testament to the unwavering dedication of its members to the craft of dance. Their commitment, coupled with the nurturing environment provided by the association and mentors, has propelled the troupe to new heights, embodying the spirit of artistic excellence and camaraderie.



1. Ai Tong Alumni Association. (1997) 《文娱晚会》Dance Reflection.


This Resource Centre is made possible with the contribution of the following organisations and individuals (according to alphabetical order):

Arts Theatre of Singapore

Ms Annabelle Lim Yan Lee

Mr Benedict Soh​

Chong Pang Community Club Chinese Cultural Dance Troupe

​Chongfu Alumni Association

Ms Choh Wei Ling

Dr Chua Soo Pong

Ms Gan Beng Lee

Ms Hoon Tor Shiang

Hwa Chong Alumni Association  

Ms Lee Bee Choo

Ms Lee Hai Yuen

Ms Lim Moi Kim

​Ms Lindy Kang

Mr Michael Wong

​Mr Ng Yu Heng

Ms Ong Chai Pheng

Ms Ong Choon Mei

Ms Ong Wan Mei​

Ms Shen Zhihua

​Mr Soh Say Siong

National Theatre Chinese Dance Company

Singapore Chin Kang Huay Kuan

Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations

Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts and Cultural Troupe

​Theatre Arts Troupe

​Wu Yue Dance Studio Arts Troupe

​Xin Yi Dance Company

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