Precautionary Measures for COVID-19

For the well-being of all, SCDT has been monitoring the COVID-19 situations closely and respond according to the national guidelines.  For the latest updates on SCDT measures or clarification, kindly email us at or contact us at 6589 9501.

Updated on 21 September 2021

Entry/Exit Arrangement

  • All visitors are to check in using TraceTogether App or Token.

  • Students are only allowed to enter the studio 10 – 15 minutes before the start of the class after it has been cleaned and disinfected.

  • Students must leave the studio immediately after class dismissal to facilitate cleaning.



Temperature Screening & Health Declaration

  • Visitors or anyone living in the same household, who has been placed on Quarantine Order (QO), Stay Home Notice (SHN), Leave of Absence (LOA) or Home Recovery (HR) will not be allowed to enter the centre.

  • Visitors with fever or respiratory symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose, sore throat, breathlessness, or loss of smell would not be allowed to enter the centre.

  • Students with visible symptoms of the above will not be allowed to attend their class and arranged to be sent home by their parents immediately.

Reduced Human Traffic

  • Parents are strongly encouraged to avoid entering the centre, with only one parent to send and fetch your child before and after their class, if necessary.

  • Parents are strongly encouraged to drop off and pick up children promptly to avoid lingering in the waiting areas.

  • All enquiries should be done through phone calls, WhatsApp or email.

  • Fee payments should be done via PayNow. Receipts will be handled by the students when ready.  



Mandatory Wearing of Masks

  • All students must wear a mask by default at all times while inside the centre.

  • Students will be asked to remove their masks during strenuous activities by the instructor.

  • Students may remove their masks temporarily for water breaks.



Fix Grouping

  • All students in each class will be organised into groups of no more than 5, with strictly no physical interaction or intermingling between groups.

  • Demarcations will be placed in the studio to ensure at least 2 metres distancing between students and 3 metres distancing between each group in class.

  • Supervision will be done by the teacher to ensure that safety measures are not compromised.



Disinfection of Surfaces

  • All high touch surfaces in our studios will be clean and disinfected between classes.


Check-in Station

Do take note that the check-in station has been in place at the premises. It is recommended that you arrive early to allow yourself ample time for the screening.