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The Greatest Good

20 July 2018 (Fri)
21 July 2018 (Sat) 
8 pm | 75 minutes 
Drama Centre Theatre


Dance drama “The Greatest Good” tells a story of filial piety, an important value in traditional Chinese culture.   Zhen Zi, the reincarnation of a hermit, was a filial son to a kind old couple in the village.  He loved and took great care of his ageing parents, and even brought them to the mountains for retirement.  One day, Zhen Zi was accidentally shot by the King who was out hunting.  Filled with remorse, the King brought Zhen Zi’s body back to the couple to seek their forgiveness, and promised to fulfil their son’s duty to take care of them.  The old couple were devastated when they found out about their son’s death. Upon hearing the couple’s loud cries, the Heavens was moved, and decided to revive Zhen Zi, along with healing the father’s vision.  They were overjoyed and the King became sworn brothers with Zhen Zi, while he continued to rule the country with love and compassion.

Interweaving the magic of Chinese folktale and refreshing dance choreography, the dance drama aims to reinforce positive values in the younger generation, such as showing gratitude to and respecting our elders, and having love and compassion for the people and things around us.

Chong King Ching

Chong King Ching



Artistic Advisor:                   Chong King Ching

Artistic Director:                  Lim Moi Kim  

Choreographer:                  Lim Moi Kim,

                                             Neo Jenny,
                                             Fan Bizhou,
                                             Benedict Soh
Theme Song Composer:   Dreams

Theme Song Singer:          Sherraine Law

Lighting Designer:             Tay Huey Meng

Set & Costume Designer: Tan Hwee Bin, 

                                             Kwa Chze Siang

                                             Ainsley Le 


Board Game Designer:      Cai Yuhuan

Lim Moi Kim

Lim Moi Kim

Neo Jenny

Neo Jenny

Fan Bizhou

Fan Bizhou



Zhen Zi:       Sim See

Father:         Fan Bizhou

Mother:       Guo Shiying

King:            Li Duowei (Guest Dancer)

Deer:           Tan Ling, Lynn

Hermit:        Zeng Xiang



Dancers:     SCDT Scholars,
                    SCDT Youth Wing,

                    Fuhua Secondary School,                          Nan Chiau High School,

                    River Valley High School

Drummers: Boo Chong Wei Benjamin,

                    Cheong Kah Yiong,
                    Seah Kim San Marvin

                    (members of Reverberance)

Benedict Soh

Benedict Soh Kian Leng

The Greatest Good



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