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Crossings: A Double Bill

19 July 2019 (Fri)

20 July 2019 (Sat)

8 pm | 90 minutes

Drama Centre Theatre | Dance Review

A connection in existence
Of beings, of space, of time, and of circumstance,
But moments last not forever,
So I pen our crossing into a poem, and make us eternal.


“Crossings: A Double Bill” touches on chance and evoking sentiments. Drawing inspiration from encounters and conflicts in our lives, the production will present to you "Traveller's Recount" and "You...Me". Both works combine traditional elements and characters with contemporary ideas and expressions in its artistic creations.


In "Traveller's Recount", Artistic Director Lim Moi Kim looks at the crossing of time, and of people. A revisit to scenic cultural sights plays the vivid scenes of legendary characters and their stories before us, as if the writings we read in books had the ability to come to life.


In "You...Me", guest choreographers Jiang Wei (China) and Zhang Yapeng (China), is an exploration of the connection, conflict and internal struggle of individuals using an abstract and contemporary approach. Accompanying the double bill is a collaborating group of talented musicians to compose for the works, bringing its aesthetic quality to a new, refreshing level as the beauty of music and dance blend in an evening’s harmony of traditional and contemporary art.

Lim Moi Kim  



Artistic Advisor:            Dr Chua Soo Pong

Artistic Director:           Lim Moi Kim

Music Director:             Yong Kailin

Choreographer:            Lim Moi Kim

(A Traveller's Recount)

Guest Choreographer: Jiang Wei (China)

(You...Me)                       Zhang Yapeng 


Music:                             House of Music

Lighting Designer:        Tommy Wong

Set Designer:                 Tung Ching Yew

Costume Designer:       Tan Hwee Bin

Hair Stylist:                     Tan Ling, Lynn

Jiang Wei (China)  

Zhang Yapeng (China)  



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