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10 December 2021 (Fri) | 8 pm 

11 December 2021 (Sat) | 3 pm & 7 pm

90 minutes

Goodman Arts Centre Blackbox

Having last year’s EMERGENCE put on hold, the Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre (SCDT) is glad to share that its 7th series of EMERGENCE will be happening this year on 10 December 2021 (8 pm) and 11 December 2021 (3 pm & 7 pm) at Goodman Arts Centre’s Blackbox Theatre.


EMERGENCE is an initiative by SCDT aimed to provide an avenue for budding choreographers to develop their artistic skills and have an opportunity to present their works to and be recognised by an audience.


The theme for this year’s EMERGENCE is “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”, and we will be seeing 11 participating choreographers, the most since its establishment in 2014, exploring and experimenting with various ways of incorporating Chinese dance elements into their works. 

Mentor - Neo Jenny  


Artistic Director & Mentor:   Neo Jenny
Creative Director & Mentor: Benedict Soh

Lighting Designer:                 Ignatius Tan Yi Zheng

Choreographer:                     Xenres Kirishima Chi Ji Hong 

                                                Chan Kar Kah (Malaysia)

                                                Yeo Hana Ningtias Putri

                                                Xue Minxiang

                                                Cheryl Him Wan Kee

                                                Wong Wen Ru

                                                Teo Ning Ginn

                                                Gabriella Gleichenia Gautama

                                                Yong Fong Sin

                                                Wong Zhuo Qin

                                                Neo Ke Xin

Stage Manager:                     Lim Xiao Yun (Yuki)

Assistant Stage Manager:     Lee Hai Yuen (Stephanie)

Programme Coordinators:    Wong Wen Ru

                                                Gabriella Gautama

Marketing & Publicity:           Chong Shu Chi

                                                Joe Ong Jie Yi

Video Recording & Editing: Abacus Arts Studio

Post Editing:                          Joe Ong Jie Yi

Photography:                         Ng Tee Sze

                                                Stanley Chee,

                                                Eng Fook Keong 

 Mentor - Benedict Soh  
Choreographer - Xenres Chi
kar kah_edited.jpg

Choreographer - Chan Kar Kah 


Choreographer - Yeo Hana

min xiang_edited_edited.jpg

Choreographer - Xue Minxiang


Choreographer - Cheryl Him

wen ru_edited.jpg

Choreographer - Wong Wen Ru

ning ginn_edited.jpg

Choreographer - Teo Ning Ginn


Choreographer - Gabriella G

fong sin_edited.jpg

Choreographer - Yong Fong Sin

zhuoqin _ kexin_edited.jpg

Choreographers - Wong Zhuo Qin
& Neo Ke Xin



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