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If It's Now

18 February 2022 (Fri) | 5 pm & 8 pm 

19 February 2022 (Sat) | 2 pm, 5 pm & 8 pm
20 February 2022 (Sun) | 2 pm & 5 pm

45 minutes

Esplanade Annexe Studio

If we were to traverse the paths of the past, would we be happier?
If we were to attempt what was done in the past, would things turn out differently?


If It’s Now is inspired by the many bittersweet stories of women from different eras and the labels that they have borne, and the work explores the journey of women through time.


Co-choreographed by acclaimed dance practitioners Neo Jenny and Benedict Soh, Artistic Director and Creative Director respectively of SCDT, If It's Now reflects on the role and identity of a woman through an exploration of traditional female stereotypes and a celebration of femininity. The past and present meet in a showcase of classical Chinese dance and an evolving contemporary style that is a hallmark of SCDT.

Special thanks to Melissa Singapore for the sponsorship and loan of shoes for the "If It's Now" production.

Co-Choreographer - Neo Jenny  



Artistic Director &:                 Neo Jenny
Creative Director:                  Benedict Soh


Set-Designer:                         Hellofromflour

Composer:                             Phang Kok Jun

Music Assistant/Editor:         Tan Ting Yan, Rebecca

Musicians:                              Rit Xu (Dizi/Xiao)

                                                Yvonne Tay (Guzheng)

                                                Natasha Liu (Cello)

                                                Ann Lek (Vocals)

Lighting Designer:                 James Tan

Technical Manager:               Tay Huey Meng

Production Stage Manager: Tan Ching Ting

Make Up & Headdress:         Hong Ruwang

                                                Koh Soh Tin

Costumes:                              Costumes Connection

Marketing & Publicity:           Joe Ong Jie Yi

Photography:                         Ng Tee Sze

 Co-Choreographer - Benedict Soh  
Gabriella Gautama_edited.jpg

Dancer - Gabriella G

Low Kai Tong_edited.jpg

Dancer - Low Kai Tong

Wong Wen Ru_edited.jpg

Dancer - Wong Wen Ru

Ng Pei Yao_edited.jpg

Dancer - Ng Pei Yao

Ng Zhu Juan Jack_edited.jpg

Dancer - Ng Zhu Juan Jack

Sabril Amin Bin Muhammad Fawzie_edited.jpg

Dancer - Sabril Amin

Yong Fong Sin_edited.jpg

Dancer - Yong Fong Sin



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