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The Susurration of The Tree

The Susurration of The Tree


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The Susurration of the Tree

27 August 2021 (Fri) 8 pm - 5 September 2021 (Sun) 11:59 pm
60 minutes
SISTIC Live (Online Stream)


"Walking along my usual path, the grass crunching with my footsteps, 

I pause to rest under the tree. Leaves fall tenderly on me,

I look up and experience the tree conspiring with light.

It whispers to me, foreseeing my future far insight."


In this 60 minutes' production, our award-winning duo, Artistic Director Neo Jenny and Creative Director Benedict Soh, experiments with creating Chinese Dance works that challenge both artistry and technicality of its profession in this contemporary world. Enhanced with filming effects and the creative use of space, this piece seeks to open an emotive and sensual communication between people, dance, and our surroundings.


【Tempting Hearts】

Inspired by clips from movies. Tempting hearts is a work of fragmentary clips of self-dialogues reflecting the inner emotions and memories of absence regarding their past relationship.


This new work utilises voice-overs from various movies and Chinese songs to explore the possibilities of expression in relation to the performance space by responding physically to language and sound.



【The Susurration of the Tree】

Inspired by the awe for nature,' The Susurration of the Tree', choreographed by Neo Jenny, explores the relationship between trees and man. "How often have we stopped to listen? To their murmurs so wise, so reassuring, so serene, as we hustle-bustle and lose all measures of pace." As Jenny ponders, she also revisualises that the trail to success comes with will, resilience, and determination.


This new work is a cross-disciplinary collaboration between Jenny and musician Yong Kailin, Dr Tan Qing Lun and Jeffrey Tan. Original music was composed, with improvisation done in reaction to the dancers' movements, with a wide range of instruments, from dizi, xiao, xun, violin, voices and other axillary instruments, enhanced with music soundscape.

Listen closely to the resonating notes as it brings us into nature and the dialogue between the dancers and the musicians.

Jenny Profile Photo

  Neo Jenny  



Artistic Director:            Neo Jenny
Creative Director:          Benedict Soh
Lighting Designer:        Darren Lee
Video Production:         Abacus Arts Studio
Photography:                Alan Ng, Kuang Jingkai


Tempting Hearts

Concept:                      Benedict Soh

Choreography:            Benedict Soh & Dancers


The Susurration of the Tree

Choreography:              Neo Jenny

Original Music:              Yong Kailin
                                        Dr Tan Qing Lun

                                        Jeffrey Tan Wei Yang

Female Vocal:                Neo Jenny

Music Production:         House of Music

Mixing and mastering:  Vynil SG
Costume and Set:         Ann Lim Sew Howa
Makeup & Hairstyling:  Hong Ruwang
                                       Tan Pek Kuang

Benedict Profile Photo

  Benedict Soh  

Kailin Profile Photo

  Yong Kailin  

Qinglun Profile Photo

  Dr Tan Qing Lun  

Jeffery Tan Profile Photo

  Jeffrey Tan  



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