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2 December 20223

3pm & 7:30pm

Goodman Arts Centre -- Black Box

EMERGENCE is an initiative by Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre (SCDT) to provide an avenue for aspiring choreographers to be mentored by industry professionals and present their works in a full-length, ticketed dance production. Over the past 8 iterations of Emergence, SCDT has witnessed 59 unique and diverse new works and has provided many budding dance artists with the opportunity to present their works to an audience.

Participants of EMERGENCE are required to create their dance pieces in accordance with the given theme, and the new works are required to be of a Chinese dance style.


On top of the mentorship that the budding choreographers will receive during the programme, they will also undergo Dance Composition and Chinese Dance “Shen Yun” workshops prepared by SCDT to better equip themselves with the skills and vocabulary to create their works. 

The theme for this year is “Truth. Compassion. Beauty.”.

Chinese culture and art advocate for “Truth, Compassion, Beauty”, which are principles deeply rooted in Chinese cultural heritage. These principles are anchors to virtuous qualities and righteous conduct that are upheld in Chinese culture.

In the pursuit of progress and advancement, it is easy to lose sight of our true nature and the reasons behind our endeavours. EMERGENCE 2023 seeks to explore the essence of “Truth, Compassion, Beauty”, a framework with which individuals reconnect with their spiritual selves while harnessing a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in their lives.

This year, audiences can look forward to 8 new dance works presented by 12 participating choreographers. These choreographers include returning participants Yeo Hana Ningtias Putri, Chloe Zhuo, Gabriella Gleichenia Gautama, and Wong Wen Ru, as well as Chan Xin Rui Chantel, Joey Ang, Joleen Tan, Julia Xie, Ko Fan Xuan, Kate-Lyn Teo, Sophie Xie, and Tatjana Reid who are joining "Emergence" for the first time.

Our Creative Team

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Neo Jenny

Benedict Soh

Darren Lee

Joe Ong Jie Yi

Teo Kate-Lyn

Xie Jia Lin Sophie

Tatjana Reid

Joey Ang

Chan Xin Rui Chantel

Yeo Hana Ningtias Putri

Joleen Tan Zhen Ling

Ko Fan Xuan (Shannen)

Xie Zhuyue

Chloe Zhuo 

Gabriella Gleichenia Gautama

Wong Wen Ru



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