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Where The Fl✿wers Bloom
A Triple Bill

11 & 12 August 2023

3pm & 8pm

Goodman Arts Centre -- Black Box

Flowers bloom and wilt with no regrets, while fate comes and goes like ocean tides.


Just as flowers evoke beauty and elegance in the eyes of the beholder, “Where The Flowers Bloom” is a reflection of the nature of Chinese dance, where goodness and beauty are upheld.


We have given some universal, distinctive meanings to different flowers. Yet, the very same flower can hold vastly different meanings to each of us - the remembrance of someone or something we love, the manifestation of a value or quality, or simply because we feel an unspoken connection with it.

A triple bill by SCDT's Founding Artistic Director Mdm Lim Moi Kim, Artistic Director Mdm Neo Jenny and Creative Director Mr Benedict Soh, “Where The Flowers Bloom” invites you to search deeper for the idiosyncratic connection between you and The Flower.

"Chasing Winds: When Dandelions Fly"

I would rather chase after the wind than to wait for it to arrive. Dandelions are the epitome of courage. When their fruits have ripened, they are carried by the wind to embark on a journey unbeknownst to them. Despite being unable to control where the wind takes them, they fearlessly embrace the journey, bravely taking root as they arrive at the destination.

Choreographer: Benedict Soh

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"Fragrance in Bloom"

An orchid garden in full bloom, so alluring, so enthralling. May you leave the worries of your past behind and soak in the tranquillity of these graceful silhouettes and be engulfed by the undiminished floral fragrance. With your mind calmed and heart at peace, may you embrace the rest of your life with a tender smile.

Choreographer: Lim Moi Kim


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"Floral Symphony: An Inimitable Beauty"

Oh Dahlia, how exquisitely charming she is! Oh Oncidiums, how delightfully alluring they are! Flowers, when admired exclusively, exude beauty that is idiosyncratic to their species. But when they are put together in a thoughtful arrangement, that is when we unveil an inexplicable fascination - a floral symphony that blossoms gloriously, one that is inimitable.

Choreographer: Neo Jenny

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Creative Team

Artistic Director:


Creative Director:







Music Composers:

Lighting Designer:

Scenic Designer:

Neo Jenny


Benedict Soh


Lim Moi Kim

Neo Jenny

Benedict Soh


George Leong

Dr Tan Qing Lun

Kailin Yong


Darren Lee


  Choreographer - Lim Moi Kim 
  Choreographer - Neo Jenny  
  Choreographer - Benedict Soh  



  Composer - Yong Kailin  

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  Composer - Dr Tan Qing Lun  

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 Composer - George Leong  

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