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A Symphony of Life ​[In Collaboration with Esplanade –  Theatres on the Bay]

6 & 7 September 2024

3 pm & 8 pm

Singtel Waterfront Theatre at Esplanade

A Symphony of Life explores a garden city that embraces a rich tapestry of cultures. The dance poem centres around a meandering river, symbolising perpetual flow, where banks become a shared space for elements, people, and resources to coexist harmoniously—a vital artery sustaining an unceasing life force.

The performance artfully portrays individuals uniting to form a formidable team. "A Symphony of Life" conveys a profound message of unity, mutual support, and shared life processes under a common purpose. This dance, embodying the metaphor of the river of life, underscores the strength found in collaboration, prompting contemplation on how collective efforts can lead to a more beautiful and dynamic existence.

The production is part of Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre’s ongoing commitment to explore and develop Singapore's identity in Chinese dance through artistic and creative directions rooted in our local context. Choreographed by our Artistic Director, Mdm Neo Jenny, alongside a team of creative collaborators, the production aims to resonate with promising talents and today's audiences.


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